COVID-19 Response

As we are all doing our best to minimize or eliminate contact/exposure to others, home visits and telehealth are a good option for care. Please see here for my current prevention practices; I will not schedule a home visit if I am at all concerned about my health/symptoms, or the health of anyone in your home. When scheduling a home visit, you will need to complete a screening questionnaire before your appointment is confirmed. If needed, we can switch your visit to virtual and/or reschedule it to a later date. I wear a mask to all visits and ask any adults present to do the same (babies should not wear masks!).

My group classes are currently on hiatus; a virtual prenatal or pumping consult is a great way to get the information I share in those classes, and it’s individualized just for you! You can also access local childbirth education and other support for pregnancy/birth from Kate Dimpfl – more information here, along with an excellent list of local resources and updates.

The Latching Lounge in Ithaca, where I volunteer as a co-facilitator, is also going virtual – get updates and links here.

Moments like this emphasize the importance of supporting each other – even remotely – and reaching out for support when needed. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send an e-mail, even if it’s just a simple question. I know things can feel hard and scary right now; if there’s a concern about feeding I can easily put to rest, I want to help. Stay safe, and be well.