Flange fit & pumping

If you are pumping regularly, it’s key to ensure you have the most comfortable and effective flange fit – the flange is the part of the pump that touches your body and draws out the milk, so having the right size and material makes a huge difference both for your comfort and for how much milk you get. But if you’ve tried to figure out your correct fit and flange, the options can quickly become dizzying and the internet is full of contradictory advice. Measure and add 2mm? Or 5mm? Or 0mm? Try a plastic flange? A silicone flange? A different shape? An insert? People find themselves ordering a half-dozen products trying to find what works best, and with flanges and inserts often running $15-30 apiece this can adds up quickly.

With this service, you can “try before you buy” – based on your specific anatomy, concerns, and needs, I will select a set of flanges and accessories for you – some you may not have even heard of! You will get them to trial for 5 days, experimenting with what works best for you over multiple pumping sessions. During this time I offer unlimited e-mail availability to troubleshoot and answer questions. At the end of that time, all trial materials are returned to me and I will give you all the information needed to purchase whatever product(s) worked best for you. (Trial materials are thoroughly sterilized between patients.)

**If you are using a “wearable” pump – an Elvie or Willow – please contact me prior to scheduling as flange fitting is specialized for these pumps**

You also have the opportunity to add on a virtual appointment with me to get a personalized version of my popular “Get Pumped!” class. We will go over how to fit pumping into your schedule, calculate how much milk your individual baby needs while you’re apart, how to introduce a bottle, and much more.