Flange Fitting Clinic

Have you heard “most people are pumping with the wrong flange size” and wondered whether that might apply to you?

Have you tried to figure out what flange size would be best and gotten overwhelmed by all the contradicting advice?

Are you wondering if you might get more milk, more comfortably if you changed up your flanges?

Would you like to try different flanges or flange inserts, but worry about spending $10-30 per (non-refundable) pair just to discover they don’t work for you?

I have been guiding people through pump and flange selection since 2007. During all this time, I’ve stayed up-to-date on new products and guidelines (and there have been many!). I know through experience that what someone says is the “right” size for you may not actually work well with your specific anatomy. There is also a dizzying number of new flange shapes, inserts, and materials that can bring additional comfort and effectiveness to your pumping.

At the flange fitting clinic (held in a private area at Jillian’s Drawers), you will get 30 minutes one-on-one with me, a pump, and a whole lot of flanges! This means not only a skilled assessment of your flange size, but also the opportunity to actually pump using multiple flange sizes and types to determine what actually feels and works well for you. You’ll leave with all the info you need to get set up with your best match. (And on your way out, you’ll get a 10% discount to purchase any of the flanges that are available at Jillian’s Drawers.)

A couple important notes:

  • You can’t be accurately sized for flanges until after you’ve given birth, so if you’re pregnant then hold off on scheduling this until after a month or so after your due date!
  • The out-of-pocket cost for this visit is $40. During the scheduling process, you may opt to see if insurance will cover your visit. (To learn more about which insurance plans may offer coverage, see this page.)

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