Get Pumped! Class

It’s normal to feel a little lost about pumping.

I love babies! Even baby tomatoes!

Hi! I’m Rebecca! My experience includes:

  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for almost 10 years
  • Master’s in Public Health, in maternal and child health, from one of the top programs in the country
  • And I used to work at the largest pump rental station in Manhattan!

For years I taught a class that went through every detail of getting set up to pump and go back to work or school successfully. I lost count of the number of people who came up afterwards to tell me how relieved they were and how much better they felt after taking the class.

Then a friend called me long distance with the same questions, then another… They wanted to know what was normal. They wanted all the pumping hacks to help them speed through their sessions. They wanted to keep nursing their babies until they chose to stop… not just because they had to go back to work. And because they knew I’d give practical, nonjudgmental support, they called me.

They could have asked on Facebook or Googled the answers…and in fact, they had! And they were trying to sort through a jumble of information to figure out what was accurate.

I realized that how many people could be more confident and successful if they had this information at the start of the process, from someone they trusted.

And I wanted to create something that would be gender-neutral and family-neutral, not assuming anything about your body, identity, or family structure (other than that a baby is coming into your family and you hope to feed them your milk).

That’s when I decided to create Get Pumped! I’ve put all the resources I’d created from teaching over 60 classes in person, plus a decade of experience counseling thousands of patients, into three resources: a free e-mail series, a live online class, and private one-on-one consults.

Free E-mail Series
Get a series of four free e-mails over the next four days, walking you through the basics of getting set up to pump and bottle feed.
If you’re not sure whether you need a class, this is a great way to test it out!
Live online class
The same class
 so many people thanked me for teaching, but now available to anyone, anywhere.
This isn’t just a recorded webinar — you’re interacting with me and your classmates directly.
When the class is over, the support continues — lifetime access to a private Facebook group for further support.
Private one-on-one consult
Just have a few questions, want some additional individualized time, or just prefer a one-on-one class? Happy to set that up!
That option also gives you Facebook group access, so you can connect with others and find sweet new support network.

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