IBCLC Mentorship

As of April 2024, I am on parental leave and have yet to determine when I will re-open my practice. Contact kara@citylactation.com for inquiries about virtual mentorship.

Figuring out how to become an IBCLC can be confusing! You can start with this free webinar on the Pathways to IBCLC that I helped develop through my work with North Carolina State University. I have also written for their blog on how to become an IBCLC – start with this overview post.

If you’re considering or committed to doing Pathway 3, you may be looking for an IBCLC mentor. Generally, you are looking for someone local to you (here are some tips on how to find a local Pathway 3 mentor and reach out to potential mentors). I have provided Pathway 2 and 3 clinical supervision in the past, and with current IBLCE guidance on virtual mentorship, I am now offering remote Pathway 3 mentorship. I have many years of experience supervising and teaching students and developing a Pathway 3 program. I love helping “bring up” new IBCLCs who I know will give excellent care to the families they serve.

At this time the primary mentoring service I am offering is for people already providing some level of lactation care/support on their own (doulas, lactation counselors, etc.) I can be present and/or available virtually for that support and provide supervision and mentoring to allow students to use the hours they are already doing to progress along Pathway 3.

If you are someone who is providing lactation support to families already, but has not been able to find an IBCLC mentor who can supervise those hours towards Pathway 3, fill out the form below and I’ll get back in touch: