Long (online only) Get Pumped! Class

Going back to work or school? Or just want to figure out how to fit some pumping and bottle feeding into life with a baby? This class has it all!

  • How to find the best pump your insurance offers (and why it may take a little research)
  • The Frankenpump: hacks to build your dream pump
  • The most painless ways to get your “freezer stash” going
  • Don’t overdo it: how much milk your baby ACTUALLY needs
  • How to build pumping into YOUR schedule, at home and away
  • Putting the pieces together: how to assemble your pump
  • Getting the most milk out each time you pump
  • Properly fit flanges to maximize milk and prevent pain
  • Choosing and using a bottle so baby keeps latching well
  • How to safely handle, store, and warm up your milk
  • Choosing milk storage options that work for you
  • Preventing “funny-tasting” milk that baby won’t drink
  • Cleaning your pump: when you can take a shortcut and when you can’t
  • And more! This class has lots of time for questions, so we cover anything that comes to mind. Get your questions ready!