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Preventive measures, protecting families

While many of us are worrying about COVID-19 and how to minimize risk to ourselves and the most vulnerable around us, babies are only concerned about their next meal. They (and you!) definitely can’t wait to get that next meal figured out. A lactation home visit can get you quick help, without needing to worry about potential exposures from going out. Here are my current prevention practices (updated July 2020):

  1. Home visits will not be confirmed until you have completed a COVID-19 questionnaire. If I offer telehealth consults for situations in which that is more appropriate.
  2. I thoroughly clean and disinfect my supplies before visits.
  3. I wear a mask throughout my visit and ask all adults present to do the same (babies should not wear masks!).
  4. Upon arrival, the first thing I’ll do is ask you for is a sink with soap; I wash my hands for at least 20 seconds. I additionally use gloves for infant exams.
  5. After setting up my scale, I will thoroughly sanitize it and ask you for your own blanket to place on top (this provides padding and an additional barrier).

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. The more care we take, the better we can prevent spread of illness to those who would be most impacted.

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